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*This Project has now ended*

Autumn 2020-Summer 2022

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An Arts and Movement Project for young adults on the autistic spectrum and with other Special Needs in a unique Community Garden; The "Robin Hood Garden" beside the River Lea in East London in Upper Clapton E5.

This project was initially funded by the Covid Emergency Fund and is now funded by Islington Giving.

It addresses the creativity and need for self-expression of young people together with a family member or a support worker.


It's a way to spend relaxed time together and make something along the way.

The sessions will be weekly regular meetings which a family or organization can sign up to and enjoy as a regular activity.


Below is some general information about what we do in a Session

Making a Group Sculpture

A person places a piece of wood, a stone, or a found object on the platform and then leaves it there. Another person now chooses another object and places it somewhere else. We simply place or balance the objects one at a time. Because the sculpture is always changing as it is being made, we call it a "Transitional Sculpture". 

Making a Group Painting

We work on large pieces of canvas or calico cloth. The cloth is wetted with a sponge and than paint is applied to the cloth with brushes from a selection of acrylic colors so that the colors spread out onto the cloth and mix with one another. We also use pastel crayons and charcoal to draw on the cloth. The paintings build up gradually with everyone making a contribution.

Moving together

We create a circle at the beginning and end of each session in which we all come together and greet each other through gestures and through our names, either signing or speaking. We also do some stretching, breathing, rhythmic moving and singing.


People are free to walk around and enjoy the garden and the surroundings and then re-join the activity whenever they want to

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