Training for School Carers 

The project is about supporting and nurturing the Caregivers. We work in schools in our Hand and Sky Project with children with high medical needs who need on-going nursing support, so that we can reach these children together with their Learning Support Assistants (LSAs). These school Carers traditionally build up strong connections in very practical, rich and immediate ways with the children and in this sense are natural attachment figures when the children are at school. 

How to frame and celebrate the work of school Carers and their role in following the child’s development through different stages of their school life? I.e. early years setting to reception primary school and beyond. This is our aim in these weekly sessions tailored to each unique child and their Carer in order to use non-verbal techniques of listening, witnessing and noticing, through Sound, Movement and Therapeutic Touch.

Basic Start

** Notice the child's interest and join them here **